VA Pension Program Rules have Changed


Effective October 18, 2018, The VA made some major rule changes to its Pension Program. This is the program that provides financial assistance to eligible wartime veterans and their surviving spouses for long term care costs.  The changes include a maximum net worth limit, a three year look back period for transfers and penalties for [...]

VA Pension Program Rules have Changed2018-12-04T09:55:55-05:00

Gibbons | Neuman Raises Over $16,000 for Alzheimer’s Association


Since 2014, Gibbons | Neuman has been participating in the Walk To End Alzheimer’s, raising money for the Alzheimer’s Association to find a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease. This year, in addition to our individual tram members’ fundraising efforts, the Firm had an Open House to say “thanks” to our clients, business partners and friends who [...]

Gibbons | Neuman Raises Over $16,000 for Alzheimer’s Association2018-11-20T08:58:24-05:00

Wait, I thought we settled?


As a mediator, one of the last things I want to see is the parties reaching a verbal settlement, but leaving without signing an agreement.   As we all know, nothing is binding until the agreement has been signed. Some of the most common reasons for failed settlements involve travel plans. There is nothing worse than [...]

Wait, I thought we settled?2018-11-14T09:45:50-05:00

Open House and Fundraiser a Big Success!


On October 18th, we held an Open House and fundraiser for the Alzheimer’s Association.  For the last 5 years, Gibbons | Neuman has fielded a team that has participated in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s and we have raised thousands of dollars for the Alzheimer’s Association.  This year we increased our fundraising goals and had [...]

Open House and Fundraiser a Big Success!2018-11-01T13:17:06-04:00

Parties’ Right of Self-Determination in Mediation


Mediator Rule 10.310 provides: Rule 10.310. Self-Determination (a) Decision-Making. Decisions made during a mediation are to be made by the parties. A mediator shall not make substantive decisions for any party. A mediator is responsible for assisting the parties in reaching informed and voluntary decisions while protecting their right of self-determination. (b) Coercion Prohibited. A [...]

Parties’ Right of Self-Determination in Mediation2018-07-19T09:59:56-04:00

Gibbons | Neuman Keeping the Community Informed


Several of the attorneys of Gibbons | Neuman have been busy lately keeping the Tampa Bay community informed of important legal matters.   On May 9th, Attorneys Elizabeth Allen, Beverly White and Gary Gibbons appeared on WMNF’s Radioactivity radio show hosted by Rob Lorei.  The show focused on long term care and Medicaid issues and the [...]

Gibbons | Neuman Keeping the Community Informed2018-05-30T10:59:19-04:00

Mediation: Can I be sanctioned?


Court-ordered mediation is generally covered by Section 1.720-1.750, Florida Rules of Civil Procedure. The parties (or their representatives) with full authority to settle, a representative from an insurance carrier with full authority to settle and the party’s counsel of record are required to appear unless other appropriate agreements are otherwise obtained. So, mediation has been [...]

Mediation: Can I be sanctioned?2018-05-04T13:28:48-04:00

Are you thinking about buying a house or condominium at a foreclosure sale?


Be careful! In all likelihood, under both scenarios, you will be responsible for paying all charges (assessments, interest, and attorneys’ fees) that were incurred and owed by the prior owner. You may want to wait and allow the lender to purchase the property at the foreclosure sale and then try to negotiate with the lender [...]

Are you thinking about buying a house or condominium at a foreclosure sale?2018-04-04T09:20:12-04:00
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