Books containing Bankruptcy StatutesA significant portion of Gibbons | Neuman’s Tampa general practice is devoted to Bankruptcy representation of creditors in cases pending in the United States Bankruptcy Courts.

The attorneys at Gibbons | Neuman have many years of experience in Bankruptcy representation in liquidation and reorganization cases. The firm represents its clients not only in uncontested bankruptcy matters, but also in the often complex contested matters and adversary proceedings arising in or related to reorganization and liquidation cases. The firm has also enjoyed success in appeals of rulings on highly technical and fact-specific issues raised in bankruptcy cases.

The firm’s attorneys possess a familiarity with the intricacies of the Bankruptcy Code and the Bankruptcy Rules that ensure clients receive knowledgeable bankruptcy representation. The firm works diligently to (as appropriate): preserve the value of the creditor’s claims; to obtain return of their collateral; and in reorganization cases, obtain fair and equitable treatment under the debtor’s plan.  The attorneys in the firm have significant experience successfully prosecuting and defending the various types of avoidance litigation filed in bankruptcy cases.

Gibbons | Neuman regularly counsels clients concerned about bankruptcy or insolvency and related debtor-creditor issues in its general business practice and in the course of representing clients in other non-bankruptcy litigation, as bankruptcy or insolvency or the threat thereof may impact a client’s strategy.

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