So, you want to leave assets to a minor child or grandchild? Make sure that you create a Trust so that you don’t trigger the need for a Guardianship.

If the value of the assets that are left to a minor under the age of 18 exceeds $15,000.00, a Court-administered Guardianship will be required for the minor child.  This may happen inadvertently by designating a child as a contingent beneficiary on a life insurance policy or passing away without a Will.   Not only […]

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US Supreme Court Reverses 11th Circuit Court of Appeals On Chapter 7 Lien Stripping of Second/Inferior Mortgages

Gibbons Neuman bankruptcy and creditors’ rights attorney, Victor Veschio, attended oral arguments before the United States Supreme Court in March, 2015.  The Court has now issued its unanimous ruling in favor of the creditor-bank in the consolidated cases of In Re: Toledo and Caulkett.    In summary, the Court held that any creditor who holds […]

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